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Free Sh​!​t​.​.​.​.​.​. [FREE D​/​L]

by Stig Of The Dump

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RapperTag#23 04:41
Shouts to K Zorro, I'd like to thank him. Thanks kin, finally i've been tagged in, When i run the track, yeah.. it's nothing but the facts here Trust a fake rappers getting taxed for their wack bling. That's what's happening! You ain't Michael Caine So what's the price ya paying, for ya acting? You'll get a snapped chin, make ya head back spin 23rd Rapper Tag, i'm a do the damn thing. Trust me killer i get crazy wild Blunt smoke's known to keep the air thicker than Amy Childs, These other geezers, they're all sweeter than Tate & Lyle, Why you fronting son? You're as tough as a baby's smile. I'm hotter than a cup of PG Need proof? There's 2 world titles on my CV, Cannon Fodder that's the EP! It's 5 tracks long, so go & put the CD on repeat. See me, son's styles so hard to beat, When i'm hacked off ya best "back off" like Charlie Sweets. I'm getting harsher than Bacardi neat, Roll up in the party with a dose of that Safari heat.. Like, what's the mother fucking issue? Puffing on piff stinking funkier than Gym shoes. I keep my bars sharper than a gin su So me vs you, words in each verse will rip through; Bones, arteries, cartilage & sinew, One quick move my whole shit will split you in two, As i continue, exposing what's within you, Bitch made rappers can eat a skin flute like tinned food. Ya friendly neighbourhood piece of shit, I keep the reefer wrapped fatter than fajita mix, Fuck ya swagger, this here's a piece of piss, No one's coming close to me, most of you MC's are bitch. It's like you don't know who your dealing with Real talk now, you don't know what you're dealing with I'm good with the tongue, i know bars & how to tease a bitch, Get em gushing before they even get to see the dick. 32 bars in & i'm just warming up Hard work got me this far i can't afford the luck It really doesn't matter what you call it bruv Switching the flow, from quick to the slow When Stig's in the zone i'm raw as fuck They're like "why is he so angry" He goes from "i'm a beast" to "no one under stands me" Maybe i should chat shit about i bang heat "Man dem know i draw the iron man, like Stan Lee" Nah, words paint pictures like Odisee, Think your fly i'll put you on blast like Lockerbie Quality, not the street, body beats properly To put it modestly, your top MC's are jocking me So listen Buddy I, love staying up at night Getting fucking high, puffing thai with my sunken eyes Crystal skull vodka plus a couple chunks of ice If you don't do it like i does it, you must suck at life So what's your god damn "probalem" don't get pissed if your mrs starts hollering I saw her puckering her lips like collagen She's a naughty girl so i gave her a bollocking You think i let the weight stop me? Nope. Think the belly's gonna put them off me, Bro? Why you think i act so cocky? Bro! i'm good with the weight like Mariusz Pudzianowski Bitch, i'm a big dog like Giant George I keep it raw to the core like iron ore. One hit & that dutch get's charred Then it's back to the bars, i'm on the ball like Feyenoord You don't pop steal what you lying for? You're just a lost meal where the Lion's walk See I control the flow like Poseidon's fork Bull headed for the beef like a Minotaur It's 64 Bars in & now the vibes right I'm a go raw no more Mr Nice Guy Since he disappeared in the night's sky Spitting crack, swigging back beer by the pint i Never got into this for the lime light Fuck the dough, Cro is all i need for the high life In this world, you need to keep your mind right Surrounded by pussies that bite like Twilight Lifetimes finite, ya need to switch it up White Russian with the Salted Caramel Stolichnaya It's hard to love an art form when no one else gives a fuck But i'm a keep it 100 til my ticker busts Listen bruv, shit's a must i'll kill it til i hit the dust Liquored up, puffing on a zooby of that Indica To put it simpler, i'll stick my middle fingers up And tell everyone of you little bitches to come kiss my nuts
Bar So Hard. 03:30
So I bar so hard mu fuckers wanna fine me But first they gotta find me £50 pound is a lot to a dude like me I’m broke & don’t need reminding Bar so hard. this shit crazy But being unrecognised don’t phase me I started this song with Jay Z’s flow But I’m a drop that now cos that’s so lazy Name another rapper with a better flow pattern Bet i dead em in a matter of minute, like right now I’m a spitter with a quicker whit, sicker with the lyrics, when hit em with this shit like, click BLAOW My mouth, is a gatling gun Fuck grills I gotta a platinum tongue I can bar way harder than most frauds, With a broke jaw & collapsing lungs. Bar so hard, name an artist I can’t rip Everyone of you stars are a target I body beats from Camden to Cardiff, Brixton to Barking, Berut to Barnet, See, the way I pen bars is alarming But, the way ya pen bars is retarded Shoulda never started writing rhymes Its my time to shine, I’m a corner the market I bring the truth to the game Fuck a who’s who. You dudes are the same I got a screw loose, don’t be using my name Or it’s beef on the real & I’m causing carnage I don’t shoot for the fame But I’m broke so I gotta chase loot for a change I just never wanted to be grouped with the fake ass Money mad rappers that are always charting HOOK: Bar so hard this shit crazy x4 Bar so hard this shit crazy… I aint balling I’m short of cash Bar so hard this shit crazy But ya girl wants an autograph Bar so hard this shit crazy I thought I told you I’m all of that Bar So Hard This shit crazy I beat the mic like it’s talking back Right now the ego’s in overdrive I never been type that’ll tow the line All that I’m hearing is sub par lyrics They just can’t kill it but I go for mine The ego’s in over drive In a league of my own, with flows so sublime Me I spit hard til it’s closing time Bars that bang like a loaded nine Stig Of The Dump, yeah thats me mate I bring sommet for the hardcore to the beat tape Bad man steez, Scratch that dj Fricka Fresh & some other wack rap cliché’s No he say she say I drop quicker than the nasdaq these day This one deserves an instant replay. Team Hate baby let me blow your mind Im on some crazy shit Twin peeks, David Lynch All of this talk about balling is boring & poor people love it, man it takes the piss Put more thought into what your recording Unless it’s something sick I’ll take the mic while your still performing Kanye West Taylor swift I put the peddle to medal, never settle, Every letter that I pen I get a little bit TIGHTER I dead a record from the second that I step Into the booth & I’m a rapper that’ll murder a cipher Hyper, Aint nobody nicer. Hit hard like Ken from Street Fighter Yeah I’m fat but I still pieced it Your just mad at me cos you wifed her HOOK: Bar so hard this shit crazy x4 Bar so hard this shit crazy… I aint balling I’m short of cash Bar so hard this shit crazy But ya girl wants an autograph Bar so hard this shit crazy I thought I told you I’m all of that Bar So Hard This shit crazy I beat the mic like it’s talking back
These lot are so moist, i aint got no choice But it's a different feeling when you here my voice Your styles missing a heart boy They know I'm in it for the art. Anybody step in the way & there getting walked on Watch this, homie I been on it from the start Bars. There all gas like the suns core I'm grown up rude boy what you talking bout ya guns for Gladiator, sons this is blood sport Chat hard & i'm a clap bars at your front door Think, This is what i does It's second nature to me i tryna make a buzz Certified with it, son there's nothing to discuss Beastmode on... everybody's crushed. Hardcore, i put my life onto the wax Down in the underground that me got fighting for the scraps Timing is exact, i'm a titan with raps i refuse to be the one they missed that fell into the cracks Hit record & i'm relaxed, Gunning for the cheques, assassin on the tracks I think outside the box, go & check the stats Best protect ya neck, i drop nothing but the facts Mother fuckers can't rhyme no more, about crime no more If you aint lying why the fuck you got your eyes closed for Tryna act like ya from the pyscho ward Until the right hand knock em into now, blaow. Wow, Either they see it or they don't I aint the type to spoon feed, fuck em if they don't Real heads respecognise, bun em if they won't I operate on levels that they can't see Syncopation of the rhythm & the heartbeat I kill em all half speed, Mines a double please bar keep I see them copycatting but they aren't me Turn up the bass & let it punch you out the car seat Lifes hard little man, my heart bleeds But i tryna starve for my art, i want to starve these hungry little leaches til they fall off I am all god, goin in raw dog.
Balance 03:54
I'm tryna move towards to the positive But the darkness in my past pulls me right back in I sorta feel as if i'm part of it Been tryna cut the cancer out but it's never too far off For what goes up, must come down, & I'm high right now so that sounds about right Light up another dose of medicine, shit. I'm tryna balance out my life I went from cold nights sleeping in a park To traveling the world & reaching people with my art And even though this music kinda free'd me from the dark Sometimes i still feel as if i'm reading for the part Pardon my ego, I'm parking my feet though Aint tryna sound emo, just speaking from the heart The worse my head gets then the harder my beats go I do it for my people that backed me from the start Finally i found a balance. This is what the truth sounds like It's ironic no one cares about the words if it sounds tight I used to hate how they viewed it from the outside Then realised the insider view is what counts, right? Facts are facts but They differ depending on vantage point. So now they tell me that I'm paranoid. The simple truth is that I live for this & wrap myself between the sheets like a chrysalis So you hear my voice when the magnet push the charge Through the speakers in your headphones & I exist for that moment. If only in the conscious of the listener. So with each verse recorded I am born again As long as someone, somewhere hits play I can live forever in space between drum breaks And that's why I'm writing these words down. And that's why I need to get the verse out.
Zatoichi 04:48
Fat Zoot & step in smelling brand new Shit, he looking good there must be something in his shampoo We ram a jam with just the family we brang through Zoobies getting hoovered, I'm a damn dude Can do attitude, you need it, I can get it got I'm tryna make the bills & maybe visit the weathers hot I used to keep the chizzel hidden in the pepper pot. Tryna ride the turn until the treble drops, all in All 10's from the judges Breaking down the ounce so we tip the scales of justice Peace to those who only say family when they mean it. We toast to good times & Pop the champers with the cutless Roughest with the pen stroke, Zatoichi, See me Wield the Quill just like Katana blades. Ronin, fly Masterless Samurai, Not guilty with an alibi, balling on a bag of change. Man size, belly bought & paid for. Always on the humble til im walking through the stage door Then it's on, better pray for rainfall. Cos Stig Of The Dump becomes Atilla the Hun whenever i wage war That raw to the core shit Fuck these money rappers when my people can't afford shit Kanye is an utter cunt, I swear to god their all shit, It's like people are dumb & they just love em cos they talk quick Shit Maybe i should slow it down. Let em breath As the record goes around Give em time To digest what i wrote about Fuck it man it's Friday & i feel like i should go to town. Blow them all to Kingdom Come, listen son i hold the crown I'm Sid Vicious before overdosing on that Golden Brown Focussed now, stomping over broken ground All killer no filler, that's the shit we don't allow. Absolute smashment from start to finnish Flows show i'm the kid in charge but never disregard the lyrics Largest artist targeting the gimmicks I put my heart into the bars & then i sit & char the spinach I'm free, I do what I want to Press play, exhale, hit em with the one two. Bong juice funky with the style I rock Tight as whipping in mini, wheel spinning round writers block. Fuck the cypher spot, call me when the mic is hot The mad fly fat guy ya wife's piping off Addictied to this shit i couldn't quit it if i tried to stop Used to sleep rough, now i & think outside the box This is just a little something free before my Vinyl drops Been in it for a minute, & i'll kill it til the cycle stops Middle finger to the pigs, see i don't like the cops Total non compliance, dropping science like i'm Brian Cox Metro ticket for the roach It's like they judge an artist on who's giving it the most I let em think they're winning til i pip em at the post Listen bro, i kill em with pro's, silly i'm bringing a million different flows But this is light work It's automatic, I piss a fucking tight verse Hold still, homie this might hurt. Give em cold chills, i'm so ill with the Mic Word to my compadres in the field, lets get it cracking I heard rap is going out of fashion, fuck it let it happen I really feel to put these diva's in their place Maybe then we'll lose a bunch of leaches in the wake I rep the down trodden & broke Hustling dough to cover bills before copping a toke Tryna hate the world a little less by the day Hoping shit'll change but knowing that it probably won't We sing the blues like balushi & ackroyd with the fruitiest pack choy Booting while I’m tooting a fat joint Shit is always long like tryna the cue for the cash point Unless your looking beef you better move to the back boy Oh my, oh my giddy gosh It's like these people are just doing it to piss me off I played the idiot from the beginning like i'm Iggy pop But Stiggy's wasn't quit as fucking silly as you think he was I kill a rhythm quick as minute stake Flow king, i zone in when i'm piffing grade Big spliff of haze, swigging sitting in the shade, Fuck the wine your sipping bitch, im chilling where the shit is made So keep your fucking pie hole shut It's nothing but the truth whenever i roll up Classic flow, yo i leave the mic cold crushed Short of p believe but brother i go nuts Been around the block & back, I knock em flat I made myself a promise & i'm gonnna honour that, Holla back Dropping facts, shits gone wrong you better watch your backs, The Government are thieves & now police are popping gats I swear I hear the woods calling Running low & money's slow, fuck it putting it all in My Team - All win. I'm local wor kid i keep in Colder than a north wind I'm seein superstitions tears the world to bits & lately money really seems to defines what a person is, i swear to..... Nah, thats some perverted shit. Streets have got me nervous, kids are tryna act like murderers. So I burn enough weed to start a germ war Let the pen bleed on the page & watch the words form. Dirt poor, still over ya head like the first floor. Cos cash can't buy the kinda of peace I'm tryna work for
Better Get ghost or be ghost. Posh flow. cheap clothes Bugging out while the beat goes. Arghoo. All ego’s, Get shattered from the standard my team holds. Meatloaf with that frilly shirt. Pen a classic while the Philly burns. Up late tryna work for that leasehold Beast mode. Murder em. They don’t feel it? Pshh.. the nevre of them Pure Michelin shit that i’m serving ‘em. With a boot full of buds outta Birmingham. Who grew it really ain’t pertinent. But it’s stinking out the M40 cuz' I swear to god this shit’s naughty bruv. One toke & the feeling's permanent. You get mashed. I ain’t type to talk Gas. Scraping together than fast-cash. Tapping the ash off the end of the wifty. Trying to turn 10 into 50 quickly. Fuck all waffle i’m brass. Shout to my people who ride it out with me. that grind it out with me it’s time that put em on Blast. Grizzly. King. Who wanna get in the ring? I’m getting in. I won’t settle for anything less than the win. Who want beef better duck. Stuck in the same old hustle i’m fucked. Common as muck. Shit outta luck. Raw but tell em ready for war. I'm Grizzly. Time to give em what they want then. Hardcore, we don't watch for the Top 10, If you're one of those posing, preening, pussy fuckers drop dead I wanna fill em full of hot lead. In a lyrical context, there's no contest, You better call in a bomb threat. Stop the press you're not ready for what's next. I got a buzz like a wasps nest, box fresh, bun em in one breath. MC's try & front like "Fiddy", so silly cos they just smell fishy like John West. Dead em all, none left. With the bars i'm literally obsessed. You can't tell i'm a monster? Lock Ness. I make em all see clearly. Optrex And i must confess, this is o easy for me. While heads try & sound complex, i can do this in my sleep. From bars to deep concepts, i've got a few tricks up my sleeve. Trendsetter with a vendetta for the cheddar Steady getting better every single release. Stay true, that's the main objective. I do me while spitting to beats. So them lot had better respect it Or i'll swing a fist 'til they're missing their teeth. I'd dead any collective, i'd turn Superman, Christopher Reeve. Severing necks, so heads best protect it. I'm going on differently. That's Grizzly. I don’t want friction. I don’t want grief. I just want peace & a place to retire setting fire that beautiful leaf. I don’t want millions. I'm just trying to eat. Life on the breadline, rife for the headlines Bruv, i've seen shit that you wouldn’t believe. No trick up my sleeve. That’s why i decided to pick up & leave Now i’m in the sun & I’m bunning my trees. Knowing i never get down on my knees. There’s something good about life on your own terms What a relief, when you're from the bottom it’s deep. On the floor in a door way trying to sleep. Now i’m back in the pocket. This shit got my dick hard. I feel alive when a beat bumps, Sat with a biro penning them big bars. And nobody can stop it. I’m focussed & in charge. i got time for nonsense mate i’m out here tryna live large Still I gotta make rent. By the middle on month all the money is spent. All in till i’m falling, work through to the morning I give it 100 percent. Sinner but still i refuse to repent. Sitting abusing the pen. Whatever it takes to settle the hate Getting baked til i wake up & do it again. I'm Grizzly.


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released December 15, 2013


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