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Piff Rhys Jones

by Stig Of The Dump

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Happy Birthday to me...!!!!!!

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released September 5, 2013

All tracks produced, mixed & mastered by Esyoube at The Pit Studio's
All vocals Performed & Recorded by Stig Of The Dump at Team Hate HQ

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Track Name: Nice 2 Meet Ya
I stay fly like a sleazy jet budget to Europe
Flight been delayed but I’m high so it’s all good
Pure drugs straight to face no cigarette
Sticky Green leaves no lettuce, no vinigrette
Cranberry Finlandia,
2 cubes of ice in a crystal cut tumbler
Chesterfield sofa type swagger I’m a boss
This is my office boy you can see yaself out of it
There’s no room for the counterfeit
You could get lucky my guy but don’t count on it
We can all see I love a bit of scran
But I’m tryna lose timber so I’m eating what I can
Fresh juice daily baby I’m a be skinny fuck
In no time & if not it’s all good I feel live
I went & brought it back to real life
Aint smoked a damn thing yet today but I’m still high

High, Nice to meet ya
Life’s a movie so I’m tryna write my feature
Peace to Sublimilimmylimey for the sound track
Textoffenders what you know about that
High, Nice to meet ya
Life’s a movie so I’m tryna write my feature
Peace to Sublimilimmylimey for the sound track
Live Poets what the fuck you know about that, sounds fat

1080p HD shit,
Ya boy spit that raw hardcore cinematic
Kill the static, cocky with the skill to back it
Lighting Colli in a velvet red dinner jacket,
Spaced out like I’m moon bound
High as tits like it’s just what I do now
Welcome to my Luau, take a swig of that Moloko plus
Who’s got the yarbles to test me.
Two thousand one a straight oddity
Let me show you bitches how to play the game properly
Honestly I don’t understand what you don’t understand
Pockets anorexic but I’m feeling like a hundred grand
See me smoking my 100th gram
Bopping down that Lewis Carrol worm hole to wonder land
I’m tryna bring it back real life
'Aint smoked a damn thing yet today but I’m still high
Track Name: Movin Fwd
A lots have changed since we last met.
I ain't stacking mad cheques or bagging up the cash yet
But dark as I saw things in the past get
Sunny skies are over the horizon
& i'm happy to be rapping for you mother fuckers, thanks for listening
Bless to those who saw me acting out & thought that isn't him.
I was drowning from the drink that I was swimming in
But life these days is ok considering
I got a roof over my head, a good women plus i'm eating well
Hopefully my frown is staying hidden like a sleeper cell
Chiefing L's bumping cool j's Rock The Bells
I give em Hell, listen Stig is living swell.
Think Zebra on the hat
I don't need rock designer brands to tell me where I'm at
Strap a fat face tube of that smelly green plant up
Now let me see you put ya hands up
Mad love to my supporters man
& to my goonies that held me down, real talk were more than fam
Looking back it's been an absolute ball ache to get here
Word, but i wouldn't change a damn thing.

I'm off key but i'm on point
I gets it in... when it comes to life i'm going all out
If i fall down, cool i'll get back up
Thats love, trust kinfolk i'm moving forward

Straight to the point like Mutsuo with the gun,
ink under the skin, see me soaking in the sun
I'll run a hundred miles & more for the sweet taste of success
My team butts heads but heads recognise the realness
Gifted with the curse of being genius
I'm Kubrick with the hidden layers weaved into the shot
Not a single word placed into the verse is ever meaningless
Every line brings an added angle to the plot,
What? I drop a bag bars like muscle memory
Piff smoke stinkin, that's aromatherapy.
Peng shui got me focussing the energy,
Coming from the bottom but headed right for the top
Props Storz & Bickel, little man we does it proper
Cop a Zed of Chedder, fella better notify the block
Stickier than super glue, smoke like Duke's Brew Cue
Eyes look like Lucy Liu's, lighting up the lot.
Nothing but the Chong since I quit smoking woodbines
It's a hard road but I'm focussing on good times
Hook line & sinker, got em gagging for the reload
I Debo the break beat with straight heat i love this shit.
Track Name: Fully Grown Rad Sh!t
We don't hear that bullshit
You can keep that pussy ass pop to yourself
This is fully grown rad shit, son we get mad sick
Bitch round here we keep it raw
Round here we keep it raw,
Round here, round here we keep it raw
Round here, round here we keep it raw
Hardcore, Pure

High as fuck, like I just smoked a Jeffery
Chilling i pour myself another cup of Tetley’s
White clouds filling up my chest piece
From billin up the best weed that’s stinkier than French cheese
Belling Esyoube just to link me some fresh beats
Like, "Yes geez, please I need something I can vibe off"
Audio crack, I cut & serve it to the net fiends
Cooking up another fat batch for the ipod
I keep it tight like yogi & boo boo
Got these groupies on my nuts cos they know me from youtube
I see their fellas getting jealous, ice grilling
I’m grinning, type chilling while I’m smoking a huge zoot
Not a follower, I am a leader, body anybody on heater,
We got that raw shit, minds get blown when I talk shit
Light up & torch it, inhale the cheeba
Puff puff pass with the reefer, raw skins all wrapped up with Sativa
Peace to the heads that I smoke with & to the whole clique til were chilled out Antigua
Drinking Pina Colada, you might get money but I live life harder
Its not about Gucci or Prada, I’m about things that count
Now, when it comes down to the art I’m a veteran,
This is my section, check the selection.
I heat it up like Heston, Paris to Preston, people applaud what I’m bout,
Blaow... How you gonna top that
Fuck your little pop rap, I ain't sucking dick for a contract
Let me show you how a don chats
Ready for the combat, Team Hate are calling em out.


I’m Dondi with the spray can, Hitchcock with the camera,
Brando with the script, Michael Jordan with the ball
I call it how I see it, see I never been a follower of fashion
I’m a man that’s unbeatable in form
Watch, Pour the Ron Zaccappa
On the rocks in a whisky tumbler with a drop of aqua
Godzilla, Gwoemul, Monster Rapper
Homie round here we turn dreams into solid matter
I’m on that Dawn of the Dumb shit
Press play & take another draw on a skunk spliff
Head bobbing to the drum hit
I lost my focus for a second but I swear down I does this
I mastered the techniques, worked on the form,
Improved daily, built on it more
Created my own style, built up profile
Homie the flows wild, I bring it raw
Sure, straight to the core
Drop the LP then it’s out on tour
Bars for the brain but the bass got the floor boards breaking,
Blatantly shaking the walls
I been doing this since day dot
Never questioning when it would pay off
Success ain't signing to majors, Laters
I got some things they aint got
Integrity, that’s the main one
What ya gonna have left when the fames gone
How can you know where your going
when to get there you had to forget what you came from
Straight Bong full of ganja
Art Over Money that’s the mantra
I’m watching Thundercats while the fucking Muppets act the gangster
They ask me what’s the problem here’s the answer
Track Name: All I Want
Drugs in my system
Wait…. I think I just saw myself in the distance
I might need some assistance
Fuck it pour another shot on top & pop another pill
Chill, Still I ain’t drifted far enough,
Maybe it’s the fact I’m on my own but this party sucks
The drugs don’t work but the Bacardi does
Yet Charlie just arrived & now he’s on my case hard
I play smart & place a wall around my heart
Prepare to mourn I think the wars about to start
Can’t understand why we’re apart
Can’t remember why we aren’t open hearts in the dark
Storm before the calm,
The feeling in my arm has started causing me alarm
This story lost its charm somewhere between the first & the tenth drink
Surely somebody’s gotta have what I’m looking for?


I sit in my digs my fingers dripping in ink
My heart bleeds living in the city of sin
Where the streets stay shitty n grim
And shadows hide the faces of the melancholy figures within
I walk head down, hood up at fast pace
I Pod loud drowning out the sounds of the rat race
Sick of working til my back aches
My sole escape in the crackle from a sample of some fat breaks
Crack heads smoke rock who am I to judge?
What will I achieve by the time the my life is up?
My girl loves to fight, while I fight to love
My mood flying at a point im tryna rise above
My mind erupts as im writing lyrics
So every mic I touch I try n crush like its my final minute
I’m not in it for a trinket or the limelight
Just tryna hold on the things I can’t live without.


Less Money, More problems
I’m way more broke these days but less often
Yeah the low lower but truelly there’s less of them
Maybe I should quit this & a persue a next option
But this is my escape my route
& stability will still bring a set of fresh problems
I may not have all that I want right now
Or even see how im able to get the thing that I need
But I’m a do me, just me
All me, Nobody else but me, trust me,
I‘m stronger than I’ve ever been
Let em in, we can clash wits but I bet I win,
Smoking lemon in the watermelon skin
With Heart of novice with the wisdom of a veteran
Don’t believe me check the lettering
It’s Art Over Money Love Over Everything
Track Name: Dinner Badge Schwag
Always the same shit but always done differently.
Writing's second nature are kid, I rhyme instinctively
Bars like breathing, its natural I'm harder
Flows stored in the medulla oblongata.
Carve my features out of stone & light a candle up
If there's security my lady keep the baggy tucked.
Hit the stage, smash the club, get paid, strapping drugs
My life's a fucking movie crushing groupies with the flabby gut.
Dancing like Estevez in the Breakfast Club,
The only thing that's sweet about me's the sour cherry blunt.
God damn I'm such a sexy cunt,
I know ya thinking too ya self "does he mean that" yes he does.
My birds banging like a drum break
She loads my vaporiser while I'm cotching watching Generation Kill
She held me down through the the hard times
So for her sake i stay locked on my grizzle til I make a mill.
Crazy ill, papers filled with grade to bill,
Blaze until I'm baked, cos the wave elevates the skill
Double dip recession ain't mean shit to me
I was broke before hit & I'll be broke when its history

I’m in a shirt with a dinner badge
Jeans shorts wripped but still keep the balance crisp
There's sommet fishy 'bout you stacking chips?
Fuck the bank, I hustle on that cash under the mattress shit.
& yeah I travel coach, but I’m traveling
The game ain’t been the same since I swaggered in arrogant
Caorunn Gin mixed with the Fentiman's Mandarin Jigger,
Heavy on the Liquor

Swigging X Vodka by the Swiss alps, Light the Bill Maynard.
I'm pouring Ocean spray in a clean glass, forgive me if I seem brash
but I need cash.
See I don't see nothing wrong with wanting the shiny shit
As long as your priorities are right.... right?
I mean, I love the box fresh smell ya get with new kicks,
But music & people are my life. strights
Chilling with an English speaking Spaniard in St Etienne
Think I'm watching what you man are on, wrong guess again
Me & ya lady type are special friends.
Kegzarelli mixed with Lemon that's a special blend, roll it up
Travelling so much Passport Control know my name & shit
Food bought with foreign currency that my favourite dish,
Blah blah, weed reference, take the piss
Yeah that's dilly but I'm illy so I make it sick.
Big Van Vader take a zoobie to the face
Daniel Negreanu, leave you tooken for your papes
Looking for a way to get the rent in
Bruck pocket, plotting on the next win.. Gimmie that.

Track Name: Makin Change
I'm getting paid, not much but I'm making change
This is Britain though, there’s no need to make it rain
Listen bro, i spark the wifty with a naked flame
Inhale the grade & fly away like a paper plane
Barber jacket black, Wallies blue
Beautiful mind plus working on the body too
Solitude had me wiggin out,
Now I'm right back on form like a dole wallers signature
Grey goose minature, Mini bar raider,
towel under the door always smoking like Bogart
Soap bar dirty with the style. Derelicte
Penning heat, fuck a chump, I’m pedegree
High like an Allen Stone falsetto
Ghetto blaster on 11 bumping New Jack Swing
Rib glaze on the wing, King
Think Zebra crown & Skull ring, now that's bling

Cuts by Chucky LeDeal

I drink posh & dress bummy
Michelin Star food hid behind the tummy
Fuck the weather kid I’m dressing like it’s Sunny
Coming with that shit that got em running for their Mummies
You should love me baby I’m a champion
Kingpin… no Woody Harrelson
See me blazing the Tarrogan
"Don't act familiar mother fuckers, you ain't heard of me"
Heavyweight belt hanging round the waist
I live the good life, you’re still tryna get a taste
One skin fat like the lace
Ace in the deck & I’m just setting pace,
Bass line fat like it tip the scales
Got these bitches going crazy like the winter sales
Piff inhaled, I treat it like my 5 a day
We light up the fruity shit & veg out,

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