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Stig Of The Dubs [FREE D​/​L]

by Stig Of The Dump

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    Stig Of The Dump presents: STIG OF THE DUBS
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All Of That 04:46
Intro. (Hook) While you’re snoozing, i’m writing rhymes & I’ve been patient, just tryna bide my time See I’m improving, almost line by line So Wakey wakey MOTHER FUCKERS Rise & shine..... 'Caus I’m ALL OF THAT Got swagger and ALL OF THAT Energy, Cadence ALL OF THAT Done with the frauds BORED OF THAT Character, Presence ALL OF THAT Content, hype, got ALL OF THAT Style, Delivery ALL OF THAT You test me? I'm appalled at that (Verse) Hardcore, artillery Language So you better mind yours What u fight for? When ya times called, Will you die for the diamond rings that ya brandish? F.U get too outlandish Some fools don’t understand it You'll either see the reasons Or you’re one of the peeps were mad with Trust me you’ll see the madness Yeah yeah, were far from average The Team is deep… Atlantis Hater written across the man tits That’s standard, but what’s its all about? High standards, frauds we call em out Never been a sheep. its like people are asleep And im a wake em up even if I have ball & shout (Hook) (Verse) No need to boast By design I pen bars that are larger than most While ya front like you're palming the toast I beast hard, leave a beat scarred then im ghost Mic’s I roast Hit heavy til ya start to see stars, I get dosed Call Tanks or Armoured cars No army can harm me, when I’m armed with the flows My potentials starting to show Won’t chart but I bet I get a market exposed When I harness the energy, aim at the majors & laugh as my target explodes. I Follow the art as it grows Got A&R’s shook yet I’m marked for the pro’s 'Cause Im raw & my bars are verbose They don’t see that the thorns form part of the rose Pure dark with quotes, war path for the foes Talk hard on the roads, get parred for the jokes No Armani or Prada for clothes Nah, not me im all heart but I’m broke I learnt skills like masters of old Arcane craftsmen who carved marble & gold No champaign, just lager & dro Bogarting the smoke til its charred to the roach (Hook) (Verse) I dare you try to hate on this If there’s rules to the game, then there made for breaking That's why nobody wants to take on Stig I couldn’t give a fuck what the majors are rating Im on the grind like skater kids Don’t get in the way of the change im making Most people don’t pay for shit That’s why broke and im paper chasing Not a pop tart, Not one bar of the verse is meant for mass consumption, When im on a mic on stage in a rave Make sure you keep the masters bumping. I'm not trying to save the world I wanna see you wankers jumping, Just cos im on it with that wild out shit Don’t think for a second I don’t stand for something Im dhali with a mic and a brew In a party getting it hyper than you. Bars, im known for reciting a few But im unlikely to do what you’d like me to do. Im one of them fuck you types, There aint a rapper on the planet you liken me to. None of them dude, not one of them fools Come close the hight's when im writing a tune Time to tighten screws Ya not ready for level that im taking to T.E.A.M H.A.T.E Look at what the fakers making me do. Baseline bully boy, shaking the room I don’t care if ya making the loot Im a beast, ya better start facing the truth In the club getting raggo, just blazing a zoot like Yeeeeeeeeeeahhh… that’s that’s shit Pass that shit Better wrap that spliff Puff pass Let me Ash that piff. MASHED, that’s how the fat lad lives BRASS, your innit for the cash that’s it GASSED, act like ya clap that fifth If a man chats shit, i'll a slap that bitch Cos I’m bored of the… lies Stories like lord of the… flies It’s a joke like morcam &… wise But I’m not laughing at it I got em all caught by surprise Their eyes sight stopped short of the signs I give listeners more for the mind & I’m just so damn good at it (Hook to outro)
Get 2 Know 03:12
I dead crews in two, tandum Bang em out in one round…. hand gun Magnum, no champagne MC’s get their lights knocked out when I lamp em Hands heavy like breeze blocks when I land em Bars get at bodied at random Ugly but trust me, the payments handsome Cos when I’m on a track it’s a guaranteed anthem I hold the whole show for ransom Heads know I got a screw loose, ask em Dj “pull up the vibe” I’m a “champion” just like buju Banton I can see a few dudes acting I just wish that I knew who cast em When its Lights, camera, action Homie it won’t be you who’s standing I’ll emerge victorious You’ll be history….. Victorians I’m the future, without a delorian Killing your tracks before you’ve recorded em Before you’ve started imported em Infact before you’ve thought of em You want to battle me?... Asher d Get clowned in front of your audience See, I’m alone in my own league Home free, roll deep with my whole team, hating Don’t front like you know Obese, flows deep, I’m O.G blatant You don’t what your facing Bars big enough to cave half ya face in You pull strings in the background like a basist I pull strings in the back ground like the masons I’m amazing, Nobody’s ready for the moves that I’m making You man are faking, Mic plus me, do that equation There’s no fixing the scene when I break in Its all for the taking I’m a top boy I don’t fall for the ratings Old school but from a new generation That’s they want to hear me when they’re raving I keep elevating, Next levels beats, deep penetration Stage to the streets, I been penning statements so long, no one can compete with my calibre The mics my excalibah freestyle but im far from amateur Don’t play yourself like Jeru the Damaja One line, & I’m assassinating your character
Sweat Shop 04:34
Team Hate, nobody's stepping to this Cold flows don't get any better than Stig's Name somebody that reckon's he's sick & then tell him he's lucky i let him exist I'm blessed with a devilish whit Expressed with a level of intelligence Potentially extra terrestrial quick, keep checking the list I'm ahead of my destiny, bitch. And i won't stop improving Proving, you're never got watch me losing Feel free to clock these movements Recognise i'm a top 3 nuisance Whatever i'm on just stop me using It's definitely got me cruising I'm in a league of my own mate, leave me alone I'm a God, ain't none of me human This is not an illusion No smoke, no tricks, no slight of hand So what's the confusion? Oh shit, no folks, i'm tight, i am Come follow me students Go sick, dope flows, nice rhymes, i can We got a problem Houston No jokes, i'm big, i'm tight, i BANG Get sent to the ground a corpse You got flows? I got a thousand more You're a badman? What you shouting force Better listen to your boys now & 'llow the talk I don't care if you're out in force You'll be leaving without applause When i spit it to the rhythm bet it's sounding raw You better pray to that wizard in the cloud of yours Argh, 'cause im in it for the head to head, Your not ill, you'll never get respect Your not real, what you represent? You better chill or get left for dead, i need riches still, best step correct or else keep ducking me like i debt collect cause, i refuse to be less direct I'm deadly when i flex the pen i mean business.
erse 1: We keep the clipper sparking, steady lighting up the peng Break it down, roll it up, set fire to the end Northern lights, Amnesia Haze, a little mix & blend. We pass it round the circle, then we slowly start it again. We got that Blue dream, Orange Bud, White Shark, O.G kush, Mexican Sativa, Shiva, ring the dealer smoke a blunt Jack Herera, Chocolope, Sour Diesel, Lemon Chunk. AK47, Melon, Juicy Fruit & Super Skunk & we cop in keys No, twigs, no popping seeds My ppl shot those sweet Sticky green, frosted leaves We got whatever you need My team only mess with heaviest weed This aint ketamine fiends Its for the smokers wrestling green We get so high Eyes open, letting em bleed. Blow smoke in the sky Hot boxing Fogging the air that you breath Ride out the natural mystic Oh hell yeah, that’s that cheese Sclera’s redder than photographs From steadily, heavily blowing trees Hook & breakdown Verse 2: Grind it up, pack it, burn it… bong done Hold it in, try not to choke, it's hurting, hot lungs It takes my breath away, Berlin, Top Gun There’s nothing better than a long blunt, that’s clogged up With Bubble Gum, Big Bud, Lambsbread, Gypsie Kiss Strawberry Cough, Durban poison, Easy rider, Thai Stick White Rino, Purple Haze, Red Hair, Kali Mist Mauwi Wauwi, Crystal Rain, Bielzibud, that’s that piff So twist it up I don’t believe when they tell me its a drugs Dictionary define my nuts Finger up to law while im hitting a dutch Then pass to the left hand side. Til the next mans high, & blitzed as fuck Punk so strong that we hit club & Stink the place out with sticky buds I think its fairly plane I’m in love with Mary Jane When I’m down she gets me lifted Blazing takes away the pain get ya reefers out You need sutting give my peeps a shout They’re the type to never be without Ganja smuggling, Eeka mouse


released January 1, 2011


all rights reserved



Stig Of The Dump London


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