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The Truth is​.​.​.

by Stig Of The Dump

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"The Truth is..." is now only available for FREE as a bonus track with the Cannon Fodder EP -


I’m too sick, the thruth is, that I couldn’t give two shits
If you think im a huge dick, then the shoe fits
But I’m a chuck a size 11 boot until your toothless
On my own at your show, telling you ya crews bitch
Watch the mood switch, crazy to insane
They say I got a chemical imbalance in my brain
I ain’t different, them lot are the same
Forget the fame, this aint a game, im tryna wrestle with my pain
Can you feel it? Yeah! i know that you can feel it
You might think im shit but cant deny that I’m the realest
I aint a pessimist, pathetic pricks, im just a realist
Were born to die so crawl inside I’ll show you what the deal is
I don’t a need a deal bitch, i live to smash a show
I know that with the majors I’d have major cash to blow
Tinchy had a number 1, im happy for the bloke
But that don’t change the fact I want to stab him in his throat
See raps a massive joke but I aint laughing at it tho
Everybody’s stacking that imaginary dough,
I don’t care if you’re the type to aim the strap & let it go
I’ll tell you to your face that i think your pathetic bro
Cos real recognise real, & all I see is strangers
A bunch of try hards, tryna make it famous
I used to do it to escape but I just wasted ages
Now I’m tryna find myself inside the words I pen on pages
See that’s what happens once you stick your head inside the matrix
Its hard to fathom like the very second lifes created
I used to over analyse but took it back to basics
Once i double necked a couple reds, & woke up on that space ship
So while you agents shape shift, I’ll continued to evolve,
Until I can see the world in binary code
Try comprehending it, your mind will explode
& i'll be on that Bill Hicks roller coaster, riding home
Reporting life, live from inside my dome
Where even my inner demon’s are scared to the spend the night alone
Keep ya plastic happiness, I’m tryna find my own
& i get closer every single time I hold the microphone
You can tell just but my tone, that I mean every word i say
I’m focused on the truth, they’re focussed on a turn of phrase
It took me until now to snap but it was worth the wait
Cos I’ve learned more about myself with every track I've burnt to date
& id trade every single penny that ive ever worked to make
for a chance to earn my place before I hit that early grave
Even tho the system got my vision turning grey
I still believe in love within this bitter world of hate
This is for my listeners, sitting burning grade
For the little me, digging in my mothers purse for change
For every other mistake I’ve had the nerves to make
Cos theyre the reason I became the person that I am today
So if your thinking, who the hell are you?
I'm one dude left who still chooses to tell the truth
Everyday I do something that they’ll never do
I live for my art, they think the culture is for revenue
I do need to collect the odd cheque or two
For rent, not to mention the brews that im getting through
but Im a rebel when I pen a tune
So if ya stepping to my crew, I bet ya get ya effing head removed
Art over money, Love over everything
Thats why i'll die for my music & my next of kin
Sometimes I get stressed, get mad depressed & think
To end it all, but rest assured the pessimist will never win
Cos there's optimist hidden deep inside me
An honest voice of hope that only ever speaks silently
And you can hear it, you just gotta listen close enough
Cos its only ever heard on the occasions that I open up
Im extrovertly introverted,
So if you think my bars are just bag of jokes
You must have missed the purpose
Some times you got to dig beneath a hidden surface
Pick apart the words I guarantee you’ll see a different person
Listen to the verses, I admit it isn’t perfect
But I refuse to spoon feed you news week, it isn’t worth it.
Think deep, speak dumb, im a cryptic wordsmith.
Cos my soul’s so philosophical but my brain is ill equipped to serve it
And I’ve never written one bar for the listener
Im just tryna map the meaning of my thoughts out onto A4
Sometimes I get trapped inside my mind like im a prisoner
But I escape free from my demons when I walk across the stage floor
The microphones my confidante, my confessions, rhythm based
I shed my insecurities on beats and hope they dissipate
Destiny is man made, there’s no such thing as fate
So While you marvel at the stars, i'll be investigating inner space
Cos some of us were never made to fit in
So over time we learnt to generated a thick skin
They say "Life’s too short, celebrate existing"
I say life’s too long, get blazed & swig gin
Bring the fat lady, I’m dying hear the bitch sing
Up in court shouting fuck the law as the pigs grin
See I live where the quids king
It's grim, but wait until sobriety kicks in
Yeah, I know man, I’ll Crack a brew with ya
Back a few, strap a zoot, slap a few hipsters
My fam’s like, whats with the attitude mr?
As I paper over cracks with a pack of blue rizla
You get the picture, I just say nathan
In reality Im up late pacing
All ever is hear that I should stay patient
And things will get better but they just aint changing, nah
More of the same old
Brain waves, say that im a slave to the pain so,
I look for love I once lost on the way home
I need more than my name embossed on a grave stone
They don’t, they need to be famous
I’m tryna supersede the human greed that seems to plagues us
From stories in the news you see or choose to read in papers
We define ourselves with terms they use to separate us
So this is dedicated to all my Haters
To every radio DJ that never played us
To artists & promoters who’s asked me for a favour
‘Til I need one in return & then they treat me like a stranger
Later, don’t think that I’ll forget because I won’t
I got love for everybody that was honest when we spoke
But to everyone who thinks that im a failure cos im broke
You’re a joke & i stand by every word I’ve ever wrote


released August 21, 2012
Produced by Pete Cannon
Vocals written & performed by Stig Of The Dump
Vocals recorded by Naive at The Machine Studios
Mixed & Mastered by Pete Cannon


all rights reserved



Stig Of The Dump London


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