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Cannon Fodder EP

by Stig Of The Dump

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One 02:58
Intro We were tighter miser, always kicked it like mitre where ever she resided you could find me right beside her I used to play it down as if I only kinda liked her & my flirty little disses made her eyes shined brighter I used to think how the hell did I find her Watching as she carefully applied her eye liner Mistified by her….. I was suckered until she had dancing to her tune like the pied piper I was none the wiser, blindly in love Oblivious to the fact that in time she’d switch up & she did switch up, proper flipped out Always on the war path looking for a big row & I’d oblige, I mean come I got a big mouth Aiming at her high horse tryna knock the thing down Eventually I got kicked out But I’d rather go back to sleeping rough than with that bitch now Hook With the last lass I had things started out casually The type of girl that I would hang around happily I became attached to her ever so gradually Then naturally it turned into a fucking shit factory What a catastrophe an absolute mess A new Mrs with a bag of new stress Some times I had an attitude yes But when im treated l like a mug thats what you have to expect Jealousy, scrutiny, stressing me, stupidly Messing with my head til it affected me musically I can’t explain the nightmare that it grew to be What a huge relief to be away from that lunacy Usually I’m really not the type of guy to hold a grudge I know that falling out of love is part of growing up But when ya ladys acting crazy like she’s smoking dust Ya better being on ya 1’s cos 2 can be as lonely trust. Outro
Hard Work 03:53
Verse 1: I can turn my hand to any style I want, depending on what vibe I’m on/ Love, peace & happiness, to bang him with an iron rod/ Whiney little Emo, to an ego like I’m a god & I could make a pile of gwop but fuck it I just pied it off Cos I refuse to compromise my lot just for the sterling/ I’m me for every penny of the pounds that I’ve been earning/ And one thing that’s for certain, I’ll keep the fire burning/ And stay true to myself until I face the final curtain/ I’ve been working like a dog, so please forgive me if I bark a bit I don’t give a toss if you’re a badman when your bars are shit It’s a major labels loss because they don’t know how to market this/ A living definition of what an independent artist is So bump your system loud Turn you music up, ‘cos I’m a bun the system down Keep ice & chains cos I aint come to piss about This is a different sound, I’ll kill it til the industry is disembowelled Verse 2: It’s time to get the money in Style raw enough to make ya eyes water like an onion I tell the truth I tryna be a funny en Bring the greatest of all time & I’m a curry him I’m tryna build a brand from the ground up Been broke now I’m tryna get the pounds up For now the whole brow stays frowned up Until I see the figures in my bank account mount up Grinding like a coke heads teeth Bars are intricately woven so the flow gets peak I wan’t paying but ain’t making that processed cheese Cos I aint tryna write a track about a Rolex Sweep. Peep.. it gets deep without an aqua lung So there’s passion in the bars when I’m rapping ‘em Syncopate the war cry to the banging drum Can in hand, mastering my art like Alex Young Verse 3: I work twice as hard as the next guy On the hustle til the second that the cheques signed I don’t belive that I can settle in my next life You’re only here once you know & homie, I’m a get mine. But I aint all about the peso, I don’t play thug with just the right amout of J-Lo Bills still come in by the day so I’m tryna get em studying my quotes like Plato Cos courage is knowing what not to fear So if ya think I’m shook of ya tough act you’re on the gear This aint a pop track, talking bout it’s hot in here I’m tryna make the rent off the realness they wanna hear I been through drama in my life & it aint over yet But I learnt from my mistakes so like the ink suggests, No Regrets If ya here to stack some chips, that’s some shit I won’t respect My bars are born from moments where the rhythm & my soul connect Outro I work hard, it's hard work When you're tryna put the art first But i admit that i'm in love with the music I'm just sick of seeing suckers abuse it, that's why; I work hard, it's hard work When you're tryna put the art first I admit i'm still in love with the music I'm just sick of seeing suckers abuse it That's true shit.
Official 04:02
[Hook] This aint no, check shirt, skinny jeans, hipster tip Its that neck jerk, swigging Beam, official shit Bombing hard as Nagasaki when the missile hit So get ya face screwed up & Lets get into it Turn your speakers up loud If you smoke get your reefer bunned down This is ain’t a joke, nah but we keep it bugged out Middle finger stiff, bitch what think stig NOW… [Verse] Just watch, i kill it right from the jump off back at like crack addicts in a drug spot Team Hate, stay screaming fuck pop The deadliest click you never heard since a gun cocked Blaow, im in the house like i left sutting blowing doja dope enough to get ya chest bugging My old man told me shy kids get nothing So get ya war face on & get stuck in Now I’m going all out Building up a rep & steady getting more clout Piff, Drink, tatted up skanks, & Art Over Money, so you know what I’m about No doubt, I’m a problem with an attitude Strapping zoots until my lungs are black as papalazarou School bully of the scene, I’m a slap a few Rappers, til I’m knackered, then I sit back & laugh a you [Hook] Roll a blunt up to this & take a couple hits Aint nobody on a beat come as tough as Stig Opinions are like arseholes, trust me kid Everybody’s got one & usually there full of shit Scruffy kicks & pint, that’s me Lies about how you clap heat, that’s you Snuffing dudes with right hand, that’s me So watch your cheek when I pass through.. Or get the snooze button. Cos this is grown man, business You want a verse you gotta pay for the privilege I got the critics thinking what the fuck is this Music for the misfits, moving through ya district Super glue your lips quick, say Nathan You know the coo Me & Team stay hating You don't wanna see me lose my patience I’m Bruce banner with grammer after gamma radiation [Hook] Raw northern brawler type, born to perform on mics No debate, over weight but fly like Orville Wright Bored of life, talking hype, tryna cause a fight So if your wanna throw fists better up your portion size I drink the bar dry before they’re calling time Then hit the offie for the fortified wine Antisocial, far from a normal guy So kick rocks & watch the floor when I’m walking buy I’m the twinkle in your daughter’s eye The sound of my voice got her wetter than a water pipe I’m Hardcore, I never pen a corny line So when I press record the rest fall behind Always talking shite it’s what I’m entertained by My whole attitude is never say die Heavyweight rhymes that could devastate lives I’m the best that ever did it, let me demonstrate why
[Hook} We got that head banger boogy, make mind go numb Like you been puffing on a baggy of that hydro punk For my rock n rollers waiting til their giro comes A little dose of something that we call psycho funk We got that head banger boogy, make mind go numb Like you been puffing on a baggy of that hydro punk For my rock n rollers waiting til their giro comes A little dose of something that we call psycho funk If ya sick of the same day to day you gotta break out If 9to5 has got ya hating fucking break out If ya life's wasting away its time to break out Fuck em all, do you, prepare for the shake down No more, no way, I will not stay down Lost my way for minute but I will stay found Watch the Hate mount, while by standers say nowt I refuse to be another sheep, I will break ground Face down in mud, its hard to stay seine That’s why I refuse to chase fame im tryna maintain Different day same shit, Different shit same day Difference is I will be not be taking it the same way [Hook] Bein a citezen that’s missing in the system isn’t fun Weather your living lavish or your living in the slums No matter if your paid or you get insufficient fund If your eating or your fighting for those little bit of crumbs Were all slaves to the route of all evil Feeding off the lies that the television feeds you The cunts who run the country are cunning & deceitful With weapons of mass deception the media deceives you I refuse to conform to norm and toe the line Not slave to wages but my brain works over time Im tryna go for mine, do for self, spit bars Don the game, forget John mclane im wanna live hard [Hook] I know a lot of people might consider me a lunatic Cos I make music based on hating on the music biz Don’t get it twisted it aint complex like a rubix is I love the art its pure, but hate the heads I see abusing it When I was new to this its something I would do for kicks I never started rapping cos I thought it would be lucrative So these days music is usually condusive with a hustle just to eat & get the rent in, I’m venting cos I don’t ever want to live to work, or worse work to live I don’t think our purpose on this earth is just earn a quid I don’t have the answers, so the madness keeps on lurking in & I could take the happy pills but this is my alternative
They 03:32
[Hook] Dead fish swim with the current, I wont play their game Im tryna find a balance, they’re tryna make their name Im nothing like the rest, Im tryna break away But the more things change, the more THEY stay the same Prepared for war, I’ll dig my heels in & take the strain Fuelled with passion burning brighter than a naked flame I want to see things improve but wont wait in vane Cos the more things change, the more THEY stay the same As far as im concerned, the whole world can die twice Leave me the fuck alone so I can write rhymes We wont ever see no justice in our lifetimes They keep on getting richer while we struggle by the side lines 9 times out of 10, they create the zeitgeist the whole world some how convinced that they have like minds but great minds don’t think a like, they think differently So that’s why public opinion ain't shit to me I’ll never fall down, im all out for victory Only those who win the war get to write the history I’ll march to a different beat, til I got blistered feet Its not a metaphor, I mean it literally An individual is something I insist to be I put the real me in every single little bit of speech Inner visions got switching to a vicious beast Walking the British streets, talking through gritted teeth [Hook] Back on my bullshit, back on my grizzly Pen & a pad & hip flask full of whisky Back to the big leagues, Back to looking for an opportunity cos I’ll be damned if it miss me Back to the drawing board, nose to the grindstone Off the map into my mind’s own time zone Brainstorm chaser, rhyme flow cyclone 3rd eye open to truth, im a do me Yeah, im right back at it Fuck an open mic, I want it right back damn it I control a crowd something like black magic Its that manic, a cause a nation wide mass panic Plus, i don't give a fuck if its dead or not I’ll be hip hop til my body gets left to rot Til the flowers grow wild on my grave, Until they wither in the winter & the very last petal drops [HOOK]


released August 31, 2012

All tracks produced & mixed by Pete Cannon.
All vocals written & performed by Stig Of The Dump
Tracks 1, 2 & 5 recorded by Jehst at High Plains Studio's.
Tracks 3 & 4 recorded by Naive at The Machine Studio's.
All tracks recorded for Lewis Recordings & F.U.Music


all rights reserved



Stig Of The Dump London


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