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Project Goon

by Legion Of Goon

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Every HERO & VILLAIN has their cool origin story but that isn’t always the case sometimes.


After unknowingly smoking something suuper radioactive, which was grown inside an underground laboratory deep in the earth’s core, somewhere like in a mountain or something, by mad scientists working on a TOP SECRET government experiment named “PROJECT GOON”, our dastardly duo were bestowed with ultimate MEGA RAP GAWD SUPER POWERS & capes & sunglasses & shit.

Stig Of The Dump aka King Grizzly aka GOON and Stu The Don aka King Hippo aka GOON are double-'ard, mad fly rap stoners; LEGION OF GOON.

SUPER VILLAINS to many, SUPER HEROES to a hardcore few.

“It is the purpose of the Legion to align our infamous forces against the powers of good & defeat them, leaving us the rulers of the world”.


released September 8, 2017

Title: Project Goon
Label: Lewis Recordings / F.U.Music / iLLPrepared.
Written by S.Dixon and S.Wilcox
Produced by Stu The Don
Executively produced by Stig Of The Dump
Mixed & Mastered by Figarate


all rights reserved


Track Name: Y.K.W.T.I
I don't give a fuck if they don't know
I'm talking strictly on that need to know basis
Bruv i'm tryna' cover all the bases & shit is complicated
And shit i'm only covering the basics
Poker faced, holding all the aces
I ain't got a lot of friends i know a lot of faces
Face it, i've aced it, i've been a lot of places
Place a bet & let it ride, i set alight to stages.
Fuck gambling my life away for wages
Wasted wagering against the odds that i can make it
Fuck these blood suckers i'm so hungry i can taste it
Count on it, we need a cash cow so we can steak it
If they don't give me mines then i'm 'a take it.
I don't deal with hype, so real to life you couldn't fake it
Break it down to numbers, they don't speak the language
They don't understand it & it's standard we ain't changing.


I dedicate my whole life tryna' get the dose right
In the lab every day, all night, close to breakthrough
Never been afraid to go beyond where it's safe too
But who's listening? Everybody hates you!
Stay true watch for the twist in the plot
Shits about to get blistering hot
But we cook it to perfection, ver heavy on the seasoning
A fest fit to feed a King, let the meal begin
Real 'em in with the lines and hooks that i produce
Nah' these little fish aren't fit to shine my boots
Bully shit bury them, raw to the very end
Think you're ready? better guess again
Tiamat type breathing fire,
It's the real Messiah but i come to burn it all
Stand firm when the curtain falls
We play around face down where the vermin crawl.

Track Name: T.I.T.S
I'm just tryna sound cool
And say something stupid for these idiots to laugh at
They act as if it's difficult,
What a load of dog shit, all you do it talk,
All i used to do was drink. Think,
What's a man to do once he's come back from the brink.
Crack a bud & sniff it, you can call it from the stink
Ya shit is dink. Eyes pink as pussy i'm a pimp.
My link let me take the lot on tick, sick.
Baby i just said that shit so you would suck my dick.
I'm in love with ganja, she's in love with Stig.
Ya dig, the dab rig will punch you out ya wig.
I can't imagine how this looks from the outside
But trust me it's mental once you're in it.
All these puss bags with their manufactured image,
Once you meet em it don't really line up with the lyrics.
Me, i'm really out here, living on the edge, i'm leg'
Bruck, never gave a fuck about the wedge.
Raised around broken homes, scheming for a fix
Switch, now i'm tryna move my family to the sticks.
Something just clicked so i upped & jumped ship,
Took it back to the essence, this is that shit.
This is that shit, this is, this is, that shit.
The joke is i smoke weed & chat shit, that's it.
Grey Staffy, sitting sipping PG,
Bangers, mash & bisto, i'm British like the Queen's speech
But i don't give a fuck about the Queen's speech.
Down the dole on hold, listening to Green Sleeves.
They ain't saying nothing but it seems deep,
On a budget so I'm balling like a budgie brother, cheap cheap
Let em compromise, im focussed on that clean sheet
It's a clean sweep, rinse & repeat that shit.


We stay true to our roots, eyes glued to truth,
We never compromise, or apologise for the shit that we do.
Yeah the whispers are true, man i think my squad are superstars
Stomping on ya shit no matter who you are,
Shooting darts & taking scalps like i'm rolling with the savages
Ravenous, munchied off the cannabis
Amethyst hard, trapped in the dark, still looking for a glimmer of light
But stay raw cos i'm a sinner for life.
And i been chilling on ice for too long
Now i'm back & i'm wondering where have the true gone?
All i see is new jacks that have knocked up a few songs
And act like the path that they're on is a new one, fucking do one.
Cos this is that shit, cricket bat, hit em for six & that's it.
All i needs a fat beat & a couple of fat spliffs
If you're not on the team you can suck on a fat dick.
And what you on about? You'll never knock us down,
Cos the foundations are built upon solid ground
Hit em with a right, right. Night night, i got ya heading for the white light.
I'm burning everything, well except my kin, we rock metal skin.
Let me in now they can never leave,
I'm in the corner of my mind where old memories are lost.
Winning whatever the cost, from the beginning everything we've got.
Going full steam, bidding for the top then we carry on
And take the lot without a bally on, GOON shit.
Come again?
You're not fucking with the G to the double O, N. Vibing
Goon Squad in the Boombox
And we're back with another raw gem. Shining.
Fuck what you know too.
Look when ya roll through, pussy.
Big Boss, better jump when you're told to,
I bring the thunder like Goku, trust me.
So where my GOONS at?
Thugged out, hooded up in a DOOM mask.
I only listen to Boom Bap
And my screen saver is a picture of 2pac.
True dat it's as real as it gets.
My last shit was released on cassette.
Real. Realer than real.
I eat rapper for my evening meal.

You wanna live you better sweeten the deal
I'm in the whip with the reefer concealed.
If filth wanna stop me, i don't cocky,
That's sloppy, i'm tryna be off on my wheels.
In to the sunset. I need fuck you money
And there ain't enough bucks in the funds yet.
Stay hush on the subject.
Just act dumb or ya suspect.
I told her, hold it down & we'll make it soonish.
I want a side gash like Mila Kunis
And my girls down for birds she aint prudish. Nah
Jump back, Kiss myself, i done good.
I got further along then i should.
I kept it as real as i could.
If they said i had t do it all again, then i would.


How you gonna fuck with the God
You're not up to the job, that shit's too hard.
You'll get butchered at once & chucked to the dogs.
They'll rip you apart.
Fuck that, squads get pushed back,
Nobodys fucking with the vision.
Put it on a rhythm.
Spit like bullets, i'm a kill
And this is just the beginning.
My squads like Tiger, picking off the survivors.
Wanna box with a Dinosaur
But the truth is though, you's are not really fighters.
And i can see it your eyes,
Everything ya deeing is a lie man, save it.
I'll be deeing what i like,
Grinning as i'm reaching for the sky in my spaceship.
And we're never coming down.
While you struggle on the ground.
Fuck with running with the clowns.
I'm a stand on my own,
Better go cos we're summoning the hounds.
Like big up to Monty,
Gan sick, gonna rip up the country.
Gang shit, me & Stig Of The Dump be
Hand pick of the bunch, you never could be, nah.

Nah, i don't think so.
Stressed out on the edge of going skitzo.
I tried cutting em slack cos there a bit slow,
Now i don't care & i swear it's a shit show.
I wash my hands of it,
Let em fight over scraps. i'm gone.
On the coast of France, smoking dank.
Life's too short so the blunt wraps long.
Chill, one wrong move & it's on.
King Kong, my crew's ill like Kim Yong.
They think i'm a dick & they ain't wrong.
Hit the bong & drop a trip in the middle Saigon.
We talk in terms of legacy.
Don't try it's not worth the therapy.
Word, i got em burning effergies.
Effortless, i'm on a level they'll be.
Please, let me breath.
She Moroccan & the peng's Lebanese.
I'm a wrongun & her friend's Genevense.
Tryna build a bong up of that French, Lemon Cheese.
Jesus Christ i'm good at this
Listen here sugar tits, send for the chief.
Tell him send me the p's,
Better bend at the knees or head for the tree's cos we're coming in.

Track Name: BARz, BUDz & BULLSH!T
They reckon that they're balling,
Someone tell em that they're boring.
You ever felt as you're falling, instead of flying.
My squad are soaring over head of giants.
We put our all in, we're never dying.
Cos we can live forever,
No one ever did it better, listen it's a pleasure.
This is never hard graft, i just hit a dark patch
Until i gone & got my spark back.
G double O to the N son.
Ten ton & then some, redrum activities.
Smashed to smithereens, cut like a guillotine.
Don't a fuck about the philistines, live the dream daily.
Greens with the gravy,
Crazy, making a scene getting wavy & spaced out
Sky high til we Breakdown,
Say nowt, still planning the escape route.
Full fat, unbeatable stats, running with the wolf pack
Dumb better pull back, rookie.
Cos shit's getting juicy. Dan Aykroyd, John Belushi.
Me & my brother hold it down like the movie,
Groovy, the first steps a doozy. Who me?
I'm not often bothered, bet your bottom dollar.
Sunglasses, red cape, pop the collar.

We're talk about BARz, BUDz, BULLSH!T & nothing more.
BARz, BUDz, BULLSH!T & nothing more.
BARz, BUDz, BULLSH!T & nothing more.
BARz, BUDz, BULLSH!T & nothing more.
BARz, BUDz, BULLSH!T & nothing more.
BARz, BUDz, BULLSH!T & nothing more.

I keep it organic, from the Kush to the Cabbage.
Edibles in my cabin bags, B.A to Paris.
B.A Baracus, V.I.P in my PJ's,
Sitting playing with me knackers.
They're all blaggers,
Watch their tongues wagging like the clappers.
Me, i'm sat in silence til it matters.
Rude, excuse me, where are my manners.
I ain't had em since i last drank at the Tanners
See i'm tryna find an earner
Tell em they can hit me n the burner.
Better call the Bill cos this is murder.
Dopest rapper that you never heard o'
Cos i ain't on the server
Always got an L but ain't a learner.
What's with all the bugle, what a waste of cash.
Did no one hear White Lines by Melle Mel & Flash
Now that shit is everywhere, i swear it's fucking boring.
Phone calls at 4 in the morning, getting more in.
Can't afford the posh,
Now they're going halfers on some pub grub.
Am i the only one who thinks it's fucked up?
Maybe i should cork it, i've burned a lot of bridges.
But every single one them, certified bitches.
Said it cos i mean it, never been a sycophant.
Everybody wants a yes man, i ain't a bit of that.
Snakes in the grash, i hear em hissing & i'm sick of that.
Try it round here & you ain't leaving with a thing it tact, bring it back.

Track Name: OOSH
Eyes pink as strawberry Fanta, feeling like i worked out the answer.

When you've earned your scars, every serving is a work of art.
Triple star to burger bar, that's no concern of ours.
There's not a second's hesitation when i turn my cards,
No matter what the flop i know i played.
Tryna make the burden fuck the maid,
Before we check out & swerve the charge
That't the type of thing that happens in this world of ours.
Fresh flowers in a purple vase, tryna play the turtle part,
Slow & steady, ready for my coup de gras
My crew don't give a fuck about who you are, superstar.
Down here there ain't no room to spar.
The same numbers on my phone since snake was.
Baked watching Great British Bake Off. Buckle up for take off
One night & then i'm gone.
Breakfast being plated by a beauty in a thong, around one.

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